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by Eileen McCabe

Like the Sun a–glittering
Hypercockle Records,
12 Tracks, 50 Minutes

“The name of the group The Jones Boys is actually misleading as the band, on this recording of Like the Sun aglittering, includes a trio of both genders. The male duo of Gordon Jackson and Ian Carey enhanced by the female influence of musician Sam Sloan who brought the sound of the accordion, concertina, whistle and trumpet to the fold.

Line–ups have changed since this recording which we were presented with at the Fleadh in Derry, but this does not detract from this recording that marches instrumental and folk substance into the twelve tracks on the album. The group drive straight in with a lively Ribbons of the Red-headed Girl set, with its rhythmic sway of buttons and strings that switches solo parts with an aplomb that defies determination before flowing into a lovely version of Jenny’s Wedding. The strings are impeccably arranged at the start of Hardiman the Fiddler before the box breaks into the fold with a vigour that enhances the defined pace of the sound. The slip jig, The Choice Wife, is the instrumental standout though, as intoxicating strings weave around a beautiful Clancy tune. Vocally Jackson is the mainstay as he tells stories from the folk tradition including the sombre My Son John and the distinctive chant of the Lyke Wake Dirge which is both disturbing yet compelling as the words guide departed souls through purgatory.

This album is a great representation of the variety encompassed within the folk scene of the time. Although the line–up of the Jones Boys has changed since (currently a duo); the trio responsible for Like the Sun aglittering have left a definitive legacy of folk in their path.”

The Jones Boys play highly accomplished traditional music from Ireland, England, Scotland, Brittany, Sweden, Bulgaria …

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