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Published in Folk World online music magazine

“The English power folk trio The Jones Boys play traditional music from Ireland, England and Scotland. Sam Sloan sings and plays the diatonic accordion and concertina, multi-instrumentalist Gordon Jackson (string instruments, whistles, percussion) mostly sings the lead vocals and Ian Carey can be heard on mandolin and mandriola.

A fiery reel set and a swinging jig set start the musical journey. Three more intoxicating dance sets and several beautiful songs follow for the listener to enjoy. There is the melancholic Irish song “My Son John” and the rhythmic “The Ship in Distress”. “The Fowler” (from Harry Cox) stands out with beautiful a capella singing by Jackson, discreetly accompanied by mandolin and mandola. My favourite instrumental track is William Clancy’s slip jig “The Choice Wife”, and my favourite song is “Lyke Wake Dirge”, a kind of Yorkshire Book of the Dead, with dramatic singing to an eerie slow groove.
Three first class musicians have recorded a breathtaking album. Traditional elements are fused with modern electronic sounds and brilliantly brought forward.”

The Jones Boys play highly accomplished traditional music from Ireland, England, Scotland, Brittany, Sweden, Bulgaria …

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