The Kilkenny Jig

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I’m afraid I know practically nothing about this tune. I learned it from a Danu DVD. It seems to be related to a few other tunes: Young Tom Ennis particularly, but also Brian O’Lynn and The Gallowglass.

As you can see, I’ve included the octave mandola chords that I play on this, many of them of my own devising! I think some explanation may be needed:

A = AEAE (A5)
G = GDDG (G5)
B* = BF#BE
Gmaj = GDBG
Dmaj = ADAF#

I’m sure the chords I marked with an asterisk have – or could be given – proper names, but life’s too short. They are really for me, and I know what I mean!

Image:  Nightfall. High St. Kilkenny City Ireland by Trudi Doyle

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